Purchase Order Financing

Merchant Financial Corporation

Merchant Financial, celebrating 27 years in business, offers revolving lines on accounts receivables and inventory, as well as purchase order financing, up to $10 million. We provide financing for all types of growing businesses, including service companies (except for healthcare, construction and retail). Merchant is flexible, focuses on management and future prospects, and not just historical financials. Our experienced executives make quick decisions, with no red tape, and can close transactions within 7 business days.

Magnolia Financial, Inc.

A well-capitalized relationship lender that specializes in innovative alternative financing, Magnolia Financial has been serving small- to mid-size companies in the Southeast since 1999. One of our major differentiators is our personal approach to tailoring our financing around company challenges and needs. By getting to know you and your company, we look beyond financials and assess your true business value so we can provide you with the optimal funding solution.

To find a representative in your area, contact Marc Smith. 

Leland Capital Advisors LLC

Leland is an independent lender who only works with Banks, Asset-Based Lenders and Factors providing financial assistance to startups, rapidly-growing companies, mature businesses, even companies in need of turnaround management.Our key service is Work In Progress Funding (WIP).We offer qualified businesses a revolving Credit Line up to $500,000 to enable them to take on large orders they can't fund with cash flow.When needed, the client submits a purchase order for approval and draws against their line of credit.This line is renewed as funds are repaid.

Hana Financial, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Hana Financial, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based non-bank financial institution offering factoring, asset based lending, SBA lending, home mortgage banking, investment banking, wealth management and insurance services. As one of the nation’s top 10 factors, Hana Financial, Inc. serves over 500 clients and over 7,000 customers across the nation in a wide range of industries. 

Gibraltar Business Capital, LLC

Gibraltar Business Capital, based in Northbrook, IL, is an asset-based lender serving small and middle-market manufacturers, distributors and service providers with annual sales of $500,000 to $75 million. Most of Gibraltar's transactions are highly structured with flexibility and speed being our trademark. The majority of Gibraltar's transactions are secured by receivables and inventories and are revolving. Even though the majority of Gibraltar's clients are in the Midwest, Gibraltar will lend anywhere in the United States.

Downtown Capital Partners

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DCP offers discreet alternative financing solutions to select publicly and privately owned middle-market companies and the high net worth individuals who invest in them. Typically closing on financings of $3 million - $15 million in under 20 business days, middle-market investment bankers and their clients turn to DCP when looking for a "White Knight" investor to rapidly deploy capital in response to short-fuse growth opportunities or to assist in fending off hostile actions by existing creditors.

Crossroads Financial, LLC

Crossroads Financial provides stand-alone Inventory Lines of Credit and purchase order financing.  By only focusing on inventory and purchase order financing, Crossroads is able to maximize advances, as well as partner with factors, receivable lender, and other asset-based lenders who need an inventory component in order to satisfy an existing client need or create new opportunities that would not have been possible. 

Crestmark Bank

Crestmark is a nationally recognized provider of innovative financial solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Financing solutions include asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, lines of credit, factoring, machinery/equipment and SBA 7(a). Crestmark finances most business-to-business companies, and has extensive experience in many industries including transportation, manufacturing, staffing, government contractors, apparel and furniture manufacturing.